We offer a complete package of services from design to supply, spares and repairs, upgrades and change of use plus full certification for your equipment and training for your operatives.


Our UNIMOG service station is fully equipped to service and repair your Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG

Our in-house UNIMOG Service Station is part of the Mercedes-Benz Service Network and offers full service to all companies having a UNIMOG in operation, either with or without track guiding system.

Maintenance and service

Your UNIMOG is designed to be in use all year round in a number of roles. Our service ensures optimum availability for your vehicle with minimum disruption to your operations


SCT-RAIL can provide qualified and experienced operator training for UNIMOG RRV’s and E-MAXI electric road rail shunters from within our trained in-house team and indeed all products that we supply through the wider ZAGRO Group family of companies.

We offer quality training courses for the correct and proper handling and optimal operation of ZAGRO road-rail vehicles. Our training courses are tailored to customer needs and carried out by qualified and experienced trainers. The individual training can take place either in ZAGRO’s modern in-house Training Centre in Germany or on site at your own Yorkshire based facility, as appropriate.

The operators receive a lot of technical expertise for safe vehicle operation, regular maintenance work and the correct action in emergency situations.

Our training programme includes:

Training on certain implements and mounted equipment is also possible.


All of our our rail and roadrail based products are approved to internationally recognised rail standards and each individual vehicle is then additionally certified to the UK rail standard RIS 1530 to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the UK rail industry’s standards.

Certification to the Irish Rail standard I-PLM-5001 can also be arranged.