SCT-RAIL is often called upon to provide repairs and updates to their customers road-railers.  Everything from cab repairs through to track width changes when a vehicle is moving to a new location, even complete change-of-use like a road going vegetation maintenance vehicle to a full-on road rail shunter and recovery machine with new crane fitted.  Almost anything is possible.

Originally supplied by SCT, when the Crossrail UNIMOGs left service with the largest industrial infrastructure project in Europe, they returned to us for periodic maintenance and necessary repair before returning to duty with their new owners and a new future in the rail infrastructure sector.

Our parent company, South Cave Tractors Ltd, is the largest Unimog main dealer in the UK.  Our own stock of spare parts is impressive and includes many parts for some of the older UNIMOGs still in service on the UK’s rail network.  This is supported by manufacturers spare parts stocks in the UK and in Germany that can usually be supplied within 1 or 2 working days.

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