With its East Yorkshire roots going back more then 50 years, SCT-Rail was born out of long experience as a Mercedes-Benz dealer for the ‘Special Trucks’ division

Almost from the beginning, an element of that experience involved the rail sector with the unique and versatile UNIMOG as both shunter and tool carrying platform.

Over the last decade in particular the rail side of the business has seen significant growth, resulting in the creation of new partnerships with key suppliers to the sector and an expanded product offering that covers everything from small shunters through RRV’s, midsize and larger remote control and robotic shunters right on up to full size locomotives and rail-bound vehicles. From the ongoing expansion of the sector and the industry’s developing interest in low and zero emissions working vehicles the SCT-Rail brand was created.


Our parent company is among UK’s oldest and biggest selling retailers for Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG,  the UK importer for the ZAGRO group of companies, and MULAG vegetation maintenance products.  That means SCT-RAIL is ideally placed provide a full spectrum of rail-bound and road-rail vehicles for a multitude of roles within mainline rail and the wider industrial and manufacturing rail infrastructures.

In addition to the remarkable and versatile MB UNIMOG RRV’s and working platforms, SCT-RAIL can offer products from the entire ZAGRO group of companies, including ZAGRO, TERBERG, ZWEIWEG, GMEINDER plus associated mounted equipment from the likes of VERSALIFT, MULAG, PALFINGER and more. The recent acquisition of the former LH Access Technology further enhances the existing product offering to the point where it is difficult to imagine a rail vehicle that could not be provided.

SCT-RAIL is a division of South Cave Tractors Ltd


In 2014 SCT won the tender to supply 3 Road rail Unimogs to the Crossail project in London, Europes largest infrastructure project at that time. One RRV Unimog shunter and two mobile cranes were initially order for the project, pulling supplies in and out of the new tunnels and delivering the heavy concrete trains to the worksite and back again, laying cables and laying infrastructure and sevices lines within the restricted envelope with their Palfinger cranes and manipulator heads to carefully place the equipment without damage to the newly formed concrete walls.

Owing to the success of the initial vehicles, a fourth Unimog was ordered to further further improve the productivity they had returned.

For their train manufacturing facility at Three Bridges in London, Siemens chose the powerful and reliable, all electric E-MAXI Vario (XL). The combination of a battery powered RRV with long run time, zero emissions and the ability to pull up to 1000 tonnes met and exceeded their requirements for a remote control shunting vehicle that could be operated inside, often within quite restricted confines without polluting the atmosphere.

After initial setup and limited, periodic service the E-MAXI has performed beyond expectation and without issue. The E-MAXI proved so successful that it began to be shared with other Siemens sites in and around the Greater London area until, ultimately a second vehicle was required. This time, a similar model E-MAXI electric battery shunter was arranged through our rental service and went to work in late 2020.

Over the last several decades we have sold, updated, repaired and maintained the Road Rail Unimogs of McCulloch Rail and they remain one of our most long-standing customers. In recent years they have replaced two of their older Unimogs with the latest U427 models with ZAGRO rail gear fitted, the primary use is for the scrap rail recovery side of the business where the ability for the vehicle to run to the worksite on the highway, then mount the rail at a suitable entry point prevented the need for extended line shutdowns.

The latest work for the company was to modify the existing rail gear on a road-rail Unimog from a 1435mm track to 1600mm to in order to fulfill a contract overseas where the track gauge is significantly wider than that of the UK standard.