With 50 years experience as a Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG main dealer there is little we don’t know about this extraordinarily versatile vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz has just a few, qualified members of its ‘Expert Partner’ programme and we work with many of them in a variety of industrial sectors including Winter Maintenance, vegetation maintenance, cranes and aerial platforms (MEWPS), and, of course, Road-Rail gear and guidance equipment. This means we can offer almost any permutation of new UNIMOG to exactly meet your road-rail requirements.

Unimog RRV tramway

In addition to that, we offer the amazing range of E-MAXI electric rail car shunters from ZAGRO. Fully remote control and zero emissions they can come in a range of sizes from 50 tonne to 2000 tonne shunting capacity and can turn on their own axis.

Full sized, rail-bound shunters and locomotives complete the product offering. As importer to the UK for the ZAGRO Group range of companies products there is little we can not provide, even down to custom made machines to meet your exacting requirements.