Track Maintenance

The ZWEIWEG grooved rail cleaner ensures a fast and efficient cleaning of grooved rails. Brake sand, dirt and debris is loosened by a powerful high-pressure water jet system and a mechanical scraper chisel which is the vacuumed off. The special rail guidance systems ensure that even in narrow curves and turnouts, a particularly precise guiding of the cleaning device in grooved rails is achieved. Additionally, these vehicles can have a rail head cleaning system and track lubrication devices.

For track-bed cleaning, a high-quality and innovative design technology ensures that these vehicles achieve optimal suction and cleaning results on ballasted and slab tracks. Impurities in the track bed such as litter and waste, brake abrasion, sand and other contaminents are reliably removed.

In the ballast track, it is done without loosening or sucking up the ballast that is important for damping. A loosening of the impurities can be made before cleaning by means of air vortex, high pressure water or mechanical processes.

ZWEIWEG track maintenance vehicles are available with a wide variety of fixed and demountable working bodies. This means that they can be used for all kinds of care and works around the track.

  • Embankment mowing and mulching
  • Mechanical and chemical vegetation control
  • Sawing and line clearance
  • Wood chipping
  • Drainage cleaning, suction and flushing
  • Tunnel and signage washing
  • Winter service equipment
  • Rail recovery and infrastructure services