WRG Forklift Railcar Mover

The WRG Forklift driven shunter is an innovative and cost effective way of shunting without the need for and expense of dedicated shunter.  Your forklift can lift the WRG Unit and drop it onto the rail at a suitable entry point then climb the rear ramps and onto the drive rollers.

Technical features:

  • Push/pull capacity and braking effect up to 300 t on level-even tracks (model SL6 up to 600 t)
  • Use on level plane and open track systems
  • The railcar mover is driven by a forklift truck ranging from 1.5 to 9 tons
  • For track gauges from 1000 mm to 1668 mm
  • Ramps are lowered to drive the forklift truck onto the railcar mover
  • Robust and maintenance free construction
  • Licensed by Deutsche Bundesbahn Researching Institute of Minden
  • Authorized by the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association
  • Option: mechanical coupling system
Forklift Shunter
Forklift Shunter