A ZWEIWEG CRAILER is an economic transport solution for transporting rubber-tired road vehicles to di­fferent operational sites. The CRAILER consist of a pair of 2-axle bogies placed under the rubber wheels of the first and last axles of the road vehicle. The road vehicle stands in troughs on the CRAILER and is securely lashed down.

For mounting, the road vehicle is placed on a straight level transition between road and rail, centrally, and is lifted with its own support legs and then brought down on the manually positioned CRAILER.

The CRAILER with the loaded road vehicle forms a transport unit. This can be moved on rail via a coupling rod by any powered rail vehicle. The transport unit has a UIC-compatible pneumatic braking system.

Each bogie of the CRAILER consists of lower and upper carriage connected through a pivot. Every lower carriage has a pendulum rail axle for safe rail drive.

With a CRAILER all kind of road vehicles can be made mobile on track, for example commercial trucks, telescopic loaders, construction vehicles, excavators and mobile cranes with a max. gross weight of up to 50 t.