The Mobile Elevated Working Platform or ‘MEWP’ is a safe method of working at height on the rail and tram network for inspection, repair and maintenance of high-voltage lines, railway catenary systems and other overhead rail infrastructure.  As the UK importers for ZAGRO Group products we have access to a range of platforms for a variety of different roles in the rail sector and with the recent acquisition of LH Access Technology, SCT-RAIL and the ZAGRO Group continue to demonstrate their commitment to the UK rail sector.

The selection of the right MEWP for your particular requirement is necessarily based on a number of design factors: Vertical scissor lifts provide a larger platform standing area but with a limited range of platform movement away from the centre of gravity, while the straight beam ‘man-basket style of aerial platform gives a much wider range of directional movements and reach but has only a small, self contained standing area for the operator(s).  Low and high-voltage insulated platforms are available for most MEWP designs.

Increasing traffic volume leads to heavy loads on bridge structures which therefore need to be periodically inspected by specialist engineers for defects and damages. The aim is to detect damage early to evaluate and to take action to guarantee the continued smooth flow of traffic. With ZWEIWEG bridge inspection vehicles, a safe and flexible inspection of structures is possible at a short track occupancy time as well as quick assembly and dismantling times. Depending on the application there are basket or platform devices available in combination with the tried and tested ZWEIWEG rail technology.