Fire & Rescue

The ZWEIWEG fire-fighting vehicles guarantee fast help in case of accidents or emergency situations on rails. The combination of road/rail equipment, base vehicle and fire-fighting body of the leading manufacturers results in an effective emergency vehicle, e. g. for fire-fighting operations or tunnel rescue.

Based on the UNIMOG with two-way technology from ZAGRO, the re-rail and recovery vehicle is available for rail and road use. Due to the box body, the vehicle offers sufficient space for the re-railing equipment.

According to the customer’s requirements, the vehicle offers the further attachments:

  • Storage box for tools
  • Winches
  • Work hydraulics for rerailing equipment
  • Generator
  • Front weight with coupling system

Thanks to the two-way equipment, the vehicle is quickly on the spot both on the road and on the rails. With the re-railing equipment, a de-railed shunter, locomotive or tram can be rerailed and towed to the depot for repair so that the closed section can be reopened as quickly as possible.

ZWEIWEG built vehicles for re-railing and rescue and recovery operations are available on base vehicles of all weight classes and with individual superstructures to meet your requirements.