UNIMOG SHUNTER up to 1000 tons

Efficient and economic use on road and rail

The multi-purpose versatility of the Unimog Shunters from ZAGRO road-rail vehicles is based on their efficient operation both on the road and on rails.

Being equipped with specific implements, the UNIMOG can be used flexibly, e.g. for shunting, repair and maintenance work or for recovery of damaged trains. The vehicle has signal light system, various coupling systems, wagon brake system, safety drive circuit, inductive safety monitoring and radio remote control.

Track guiding equipment with system axle

Our patented track guiding system provides perfect running characteristics. The track-guiding wheel is positioned close to the rubber road wheel to guarantee optimum track guidance. Due to our long-standing experience in the fields of designing and manufacturing track guidance systems, the system is safe, efficient and quiet whilst in operation. The ZAGRO track guiding equipment is based on the principle of the single system axle which is suitable for all rail wheel types and sizes: e.g. the larger safe and more robust track guiding wheels of 400 mm diameter or, as an option, the small bogie wheels of 136 mm diameter for narrow curve radiuses.

Modern central control console

The modular design of our new control console utilises CAN-Bus technology. The central LCD control panel with integrated diagnosis system offers operator ease of use and the possibility to use remote maintenance via the worldwide GSM network.

Wagon brake system to move up to 1000 tonnes load

As a shunting vehicle, the UNIMOG are equipped with a wagon brake system to move and brake up to 1000 tonne trains safely. High-performance compressors, priority filling system, electronic regulating valve with filling speed adjustment, dual chamber air dryer, digital brake and release pressure indicators as well as the automatic operating hours display ensure speedy and safe shunting operations.-

Design is our passion

The integrated bumper and ballast plate combine distinctive style with function blending well with the UNIMOG. Using a sophisticated modular system, which allows various additional equipment such as wagon brake system, track drying device, track sanders, rail wheel chock, radio remote control system, and spare wheel bracket. Retrofitting of any of the above systems is easily possible.

Coupler systems

A wide range of wagon coupling systems is available: mechanical, automatic, with swivelling device, damped or adaptation to a specific customer’s request.

Radio remote control system

As an option, the road-rail vehicle can be equipped with radio remote control system for one-man operation. This system meets all the current relevant safety standards required for class AK4 to AK6. ZAGRO is well known for their ability to provide logical and clear arrangement of components within the radio control system.

Testing & Certification

For UK road registration and use on the nations highways while en-route to a rail access point or shifting to another depot, for example we will arrange IVA test and registyration.  In conformance with the UK rail regulations we install the correct railway components as required: isolation of road lighting, inclusion of rail lighting, compressed air rail horn, warning bell, inductive train protection system (INDUSI), dead-man’s handle (SIFA), radio telephony MESA, emergency power-off, earthing device, fire suppression, track circuit bridge-over equipment. We also arrange all official railway inspection and acceptance tests here in the UK.